Volume 2 — May 2023

Men are not given the choice to use force or not, they are called to it in the pursuit of justice. Rightfully wielded compute works for God, family, and country.

Adam Jesionowski

As omnipresent digital 'brains' perform our thinking for us, we will stumble unknowingly into an era of technological control maintained by faith in a religious technarcy.

Ahmed Askary

Of Mans Electronic Disobedience, and the Fruit
Of that Forbidden Tree, whose mortal tast
Brought Death into the World, and all our woe,
Lose not broad sight, the tree's totality
Holds Golden key to breach eternity

Mattieu Wilmear Gates

As a member of the männerbund your role is to build yourself into the best version of yourself, and by consequence, build the community into the best version of itself. /gc/ is a unique online fraternity, one which has been able to thrive and extend far beyond the boundaries of the internet. /gc/ did not get to where it is by accident: the foundation it was built on and the pillars that support it are ancient and eternal.

Open Source SaaW

Volume I — Nov 2022

There will come a time when your leaders will ask you to bow before a Machine God. History will not stop--the Singularity has a second act. After the dust settles, will you still be known as a hero?

Adam Jesionowski

Out-sourcing our brainwork to external tools like the computer creates a competitive, not complementary, relationship. The immediate effect of AI replacement begins with the weakening of our cognitive capacities, and this will have further ramifications down the road as this problem compounds simultaneously with the vast expansion of AI technologies to replace our efforts.

Ahmed Askary

Reasonably smart and ambitious people desire power and meaning. The fundamental fallacy of EA is the same rationalist fallacy that emerged from Enlightenment Modernity, which claimed that the world could be measured, and further, that moral decisions could be reduced to matters of technocracy and probability. We offer alternative political and religious Civilizational Projects founded on eternal principles.

Alpha Barry

Prelude — April 2022

Why the prohibition of making a machine in the likeness of a human mind is right action.

Adam Jesionowski